Career guidance

Finding a job and an apprenticeship

For a teenager or young adult, understanding their needs and recognizing their path is not so easy.

There are so many different jobs, you would have to be able to do internships and test your skills in the field to see for yourself.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible and many students find themselves in jobs that do not suit them.

This is not easy for both parents and children. It is often a source of tension and sometimes even conflict.

Helping the teenager, or young adult, to find his or her academic and professional orientation, through personalized support: these are the mission and objective of Benk’s experienced coaches.

How to find your academic and professional orientation?      

Personal support in line with the field

We help apprentices – or future apprentices – to:

  • search for jobs according to personal skills and interests,
  • look for an internship to confirm the future professional choice,
  • prepare your CV and cover letters to find an apprenticeship,
  • develop learning strategies and tools to improve memory and academic performance,
  • develop social and professional skills to integrate into the company,
  • work on self-confidence, motivation, autonomy, emotion and fear
  • management, in order to maximize the ability to succeed,
  • work on the mind, in order to develop a strong and winning state of mind.
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Our advice to find your way 

Choose the right profession

As an apprentice, it is not easy to find your way around when faced with the many possible job choices.
Before making your choice, it is important to compare the trades that interest you and to define a professional project.

Benk advises and supports you, from research to job interviews:

  • Evaluate the chosen trades according to skills and interests,
  • Find out about the admission requirements for vocational school training,
  • Actively research to find an apprenticeship position, if the training is in a company,
  • Make a good resume and an engaging cover letter,
  • Be well prepared for the job interview.
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