Gymnase training courses

What curriculum and what studies are to follow ?

After compulsory school, your child can follow one of the three types of training at the Gymnase (or College in the canton of Geneva):

  • duration: 3 years
  • diploma: maturity certificate
  • What happens next? The key to entering all major schools (universities, Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) and Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)) or colleges of higher education.
    Possible to join the apprenticeship path with accelerated or shortened training.<
    For more information, on the gymnase training in Maturity School 
  • duration: 4 years
  • diplomas: general culture certificate (in three years) then specialized maturity (one more year)
  • What happens next? University of Applied Sciences and/or a University of Applied Sciences (HES-HEP).
    By taking the socio-educational option, it is possible to obtain the Federal Certificate of Competence (CFC) allowing you to exercise a profession.
    For more information, on gymnase training in general culture school
  • duration: 4 years (model 3+1 : 3 years of study + 1 year of practical internship in a company)
  • diploma: federal certificate of competence as a commercial employee (CFC) and professional maturity (MP) in economics and services.
  • What happens next?  CFC and the professional maturity allow you to pursue a professional activity in the commercial field or to access the Universities of Applied Sciences (economics, management, administration).
    For more information, on gymnase training in business school

The Gymnase corresponds to the secondary II level (education) in the French-speaking school system.

Meet the high demands of the gymnase

To enter the gymnase in the Maturity section, you must have obtained your certificate of completion of secondary I studies in the VP level.

In addition to the Swiss or gymnase maturity through an unfettered curriculum, there are other ways to reach university courses :

after the general knowledge certificate, the course lasts one year and allows access to universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences through the additional bridging exam.

it is possible to prepare for it during the CFC (integrated model) or after the CFC (it is a school that lasts 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time). This allows access to universities of applied sciences and universities of applied sciences through the additional bridge exam.

it is a complementary examination organised for holders of a specialised maturity or a professional maturity. It can be prepared in one year in daytime training or in evening classes. It provides access to universities and polytechnics.

For more information on gymnase training courses
and on the remedial courses of the gymnase training courses in the canton of Vaud


School support for gymnase students

Solutions whatever your sector

Gymnasian.ne or college.ne, do you lack self-confidence? Do you want to improve your organization and motivation?

Whether you are in the gym or during the connection process, we have solutions that suit you.

It may be that it is a branch that is blocking or a lack of learning strategies, but it is always possible to find ways to get up to speed.

At Benk, we offer adapted support for young teenagers or adults to prepare before and during the Gymnase (College) program.

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