Academic support for the Gymnase / college

Looking for help with your studies in the Gymnase ?

A method that corresponds to your field of study

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information to be integrated? Do you find some branches difficult to assimilate?

You cannot be good in all subjects and you need specific support for certain branches or subjects.

When there is a lack of interest in a sector, it becomes difficult to concentrate well and remain attentive. You are looking to develop learning techniques or tools to stimulate your motivation.

Difficulties during the gymnase period can be diverse. A complete assessment defining your learning and skills profile will allow you to better understand yourself, to know yourself.

At Benk, we have tailor-made solutions that suit you.

Reacting to succeed in the gymnase

Implement the right learning strategies in the gymnase

What are your difficulties ? Your objectives ? Your strengths and weaknesses ?

It is always best to do this in advance if you notice that your level is falling or your learning strategies are not working.

A refresher course is always useful at any time. Depending on your motivation and the means you put in place to achieve your objectives, the results can be very quick.

No matter what the year or time, if you choose to react to regain your self-confidence and find greater motivation in your studies, Benk’s coaches are there to support you according to your needs.

What tools do you need to put in place ? What learning strategies work for you ?

Our school and pedagogical assessment can help you to better understand how you work and find solutions that will provide you with appropriate solutions.

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Academic support for the Gymnase / college

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Academic support for the Gymnase / college

Etre à « haut potentiel » (HP) veut dire avoir un rythme de développement intellectuel nettement supérieur à la moyenne de son âge, ce qui influence sa vie scolaire, sociale, familiale et professionnelle.


Les Hauts Potentiels (HP)
Academic support for the Gymnase / college

Troubles « dys », dyslexie, dysorthographie, dysgraphie ou dyscalculie …

nos solutions concrètes.

Les enfants DYS
Academic support for the Gymnase / college

Comment gérer les accès aux écrans pour nos enfants ?

Quelles sont les règles à adopter ?  Quelles sont les limites à respecter? 

Les addictions