Coping with difficulties in adapting to school

“What’s the point of school anyway?”

The combination of academic difficulties can lead to a loss of motivation and desire to complete compulsory schooling.

Low performance, repetition, difficult socialization, integration into school and family problems are risk factors that can lead a child to want to drop out of school.

The child will ask questions about the meaning of school and his or her interest: “What is the purpose of school? Boredom best describes the vast majority of school-related problems. Students do not understand the connection between what they learn in school, everyday life and the school’s contribution to improving their quality of life.

Behavioural and learning disabilities can also be factors in dropping out of school.

School upgrading

Our school coaching solutions to stay up to date

Whatever his/her difficulties or objectives, a refresher course is always possible.

To consolidate its foundations, deepen its knowledge or move to a higher level, Benk’s school coaches offer you their solutions.

It depends on his/her motivation and his/her desire to be up to speed.

Loss of self-confidence, accumulation of difficulties, lack of motivation, repetition or various fears are all situations that can lead to academic failure and phobia.

Benk’s refresher courses help students to review some important concepts in general subjects. It is a personalised support to help children facing difficulties, to support them in a specific way according to their personal, social and academic problems in order to enable them to catch up.

Our customized solutions

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