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Personalized support

Adult private lessons

Whatever your level and your goals, we have solutions tailored to your needs: in languages, for better integration or reintegration into the workforce, or for preparation for the naturalization exam.

Benk’s coaching for adults includes :

  • Specific and personalized objectives for each person
  • A method that adapts to your needs
  • Regular and sustained monitoring of your progress
  • Various techniques of personal development
  • Constant motivation to achieve goals

Support you in your academic and professional goals

Would you like to learn French or improve your language skills in German, English or Italian?
Do you need support to develop learning techniques to save time and energy?
Are you going back to school or an apprenticeship?
Not sure how to handle or manage your learning difficulties?

Do you have a particular disability that makes your studies more complex?
Do you have concentration problems, memory problems?
Do you lack motivation or self-confidence?

We have the means to support you in achieving your academic and professional goals.
This will allow you to manage family, social and school life.
Our solutions are customized and allow you to succeed in your studies and exams while being professionally successful.

coaching adulte

A tailor-made training program

Our tailor-made methods combine in-home coaching, online training follow-up and Skype sessions depending on your schedule.

The Benk program is defined in accordance with your objectives. Periodic reviews are carried out to validate your progress.

Coaching with Benk involves individualized support according to your needs, whether online and/or at home.

Our trainers offer you a program according to your level, with simple and effective exercises to help you evolve quickly.

Our coaches adapt to real needs and process all materials.

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En relation avec le sujet

passeport naturalisation

Vous souhaitez devenir Suisse ? Passer l’examen de naturalisation ? Vous ne savez pas par où commencer et comment vous organiser ? Vous n’avez pas assez de temps pour préparer l’examen ? Nous avons les solutions qui vous feront gagner du temps et de l’énergie.

La naturalisation
formation enfants autonomes

La dyslexie, dysorthographie, dysgraphie ou dyscalculie etc…

concernent enfants et adultes.

Nous avons les solutions gagnantes pour surmonter ces troubles et réussir !

Les enfants DYS
cours de français

L’apprentissage d’une langue est la clé pour augmenter ses compétences dans le cadre de sa carrière professionnelle. Le français est utile pour l’intégration en Suisse romande que ce soit au niveau personnel, social, familial ou professionnel.
L’anglais, l’allemand ou l’italien pourront dynamiser votre CV.

Les langues