Arrival from abroad

Adapt to the school system in French-speaking Switzerland

If your child arrives in Switzerland during the year and comes from abroad,
if he is enrolled in a private school, a special education school or a school outside the canton, he is – as a general rule – admitted to a class corresponding to his age.

  • arrival during the primary cycles (1H to 8H): orientation is based on age, academic record and skills
  • arrival at the secondary level (9H to 11H): the student will have to take an examination (determined by his age and academic record) to determine the path he will take to school.

Integration and adaptation to the Swiss school system is not always easy for students from private schools or countries with very different school curricula.

It is often necessary to upgrade to a higher level of education, in French or other subjects.

Benk’s school coaches benefit from the support and advice of teachers from French-speaking Switzerland, in order to be constantly in line with current programmes.

Sickness and education

Combine schooling and medical follow-up, through home schooling support

How can the consequences of an accident or illness on the student’s schooling and future be limited?

In these often complex situations, it is important to maintain contact – or reconnect – with schooling and maintain, or reactivate, what has been learned in order not to be in a situation of dropping out of school.

Depending on the subjects and the duration of the treatment, the programme is defined in agreement with parents and doctors. Depending on the student’s availability and treatment.

Benk’s school coaches can help your child to overcome this transition, through personalized and tailor-made school support at home. Benk’s private and home-based tutoring allows your child to rediscover the pleasure of learning and regain self-confidence, to stay on track and move towards a professional future.

soutien scolaire benk

Disability and education

How to live school at home ?

Schooling your child at home is not always easy.

For medical reasons, or because it is impossible to attend a specialized school, home schooling is essential.

This solution makes it possible to respect the child’s pace and overcome his or her difficulties, according to his or her abilities, by ensuring that the subjects taught, the knowledge and skills acquired respect the plan of studies for French-speaking Switzerland (PER).

Benk’s school coaches have solutions adapted to each situation, in partnership with parents and the student. We ensure that all personal, medical, social and academic elements are taken into consideration.

Our approach

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