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Reasons for professional reintegration

Finding your way

There are several profiles of people who are being reintegrated:

  • Young people who have completed their compulsory schooling (with or without their certificate of completion) and have not found their way (out of learning/study).
  • Recipients of social assistance, disability insurance (AI), unemployment or in the event of a professional break-up.
  • People from abroad whose diplomas are not recognised.
  • Women who have not been in employment for years and who are seeking to find their way or return to employment.
    Any person who, for reasons of health, illness or accident, is forced to change profession. 

Changing careers or professional objectives, returning to school can happen at any age.

Human qualities and attitude are essential points to work on in order to successfully find internship, work placement or exam opportunities. Social, personal and linguistic integration is an essential point, especially for foreigners.

If you choose an apprenticeship, you will need to find a vocational training place that is adapted to your needs and corresponds to your expectations. This is why it is essential to establish an appropriate professional integration strategy according to the profile of each individual.

Motivation, organization, positive nature, gestures and vocabulary adapted to each situation make it possible to identify the profile of a high-performance and productive person.

Support you in your professional career

Tailor-made solutions

Benk offers you tailor-made solutions according to your profile, your needs and the choice of your professional future.

We can support you in:

  • the choice of a professional career and a reorientation
  • looking for an internship or apprenticeship
  • preparation before job interviews
  • the improvement of your level of French, your cover letters and CVs
  • presence and personal attitude towards employers
  • motivation, organization, self-confidence and performance improvement
  • the development of mental strength in the face of change

Thus, throughout their career, we support people who want to take stock of their professional life, who want to reintegrate into the job market, whether through personalized coaching, skills assessment, career management or job search.

Benk’s trainers support anyone who wants to return to training, study or apprenticeship. We develop targeted techniques to be more attentive, focused, attentive, confident, effective and to develop a more effective memory.

Meeting administrative requirements in the school, professional and state sectors and better managing your budget, according to your personal and financial situation, are also part of the missions of Benk’s trainers.

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passeport naturalisation

Vous souhaitez devenir Suisse ? Passer l’examen de naturalisation ? Vous ne savez pas par où commencer et comment vous organiser ? Vous n’avez pas assez de temps pour préparer l’examen ? 

Nous avons les solutions qui vous gagneront du temps et de l’énergie.

La naturalisation suisse
cours de français

L’apprentissage d’une langue est la clé pour augmenter ses compétences dans le cadre de sa carrière professionnelle. Le français est utile pour l’intégration en Suisse romande que ce soit au niveau personnel, social, familial ou professionnel. L’anglais, l’allemand ou l’italien pourront dynamiser votre CV.

Cours de langues
formation enfants autonomes

Qu’est-ce que ? respecte-t-il le plan d’études romand (PER) ?   

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