School support for children

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Do you want to help your child with his or her schooling? See him progress and succeed?

The Swiss school system imposes a curriculum and pace that is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

Each student evolves according to his or her abilities and faces unique challenges.

Whatever the gaps, Benk’s team of school coaches puts in place solutions to fill them.

The objective for your child is to gain in performance and efficiency, in order to achieve the level required by the Swiss canton in which he or she is enrolled.

Provide school support adapted to each child 

Our methods have proven their worth

At Benk, we do not practice tutoring like tutors.

The material and its content to be assimilated is secondary.
The first element we take into account is the human factor, i.e. the analysis of the personal reasons that cause difficulties in a branch.

Our objective is to bring confidence and serenity in the face of school pressure and the stress that this can cause.

Learning is easier with a calm and calm state of mind.

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School support adapted to the PER – Plan d’Etudes Romand 

The plan of studies for French-speaking Switzerland (or PER) defines the learning content of compulsory schooling in French-speaking Switzerland.

It ranges from 1H to 11H of the programme for the harmonisation of compulsory schooling (HarmoS) and the Convention scolaire romande (CSR).

Benk’s certified coaches follow very closely the teaching of schools in French-speaking Switzerland. They provide personalized educational support for each child and adolescent, in line with the high school level of compulsory education.

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