Support adapted to your level and your academic difficulties

Gymnasians and collegians

How to increase your average? How to pass the exams? How can we manage the volume of work to be done without giving up or losing motivation?

The requirements of gymnasiums/colleges are high and only regular work throughout the year can ensure good test and examination results.

Do you need academic and pedagogical support in relation to your academic difficulties, in terms of branches? Your fears block you and prevent you from moving forward?
You want to improve your skills in learning strategies. You want to improve your confidence, motivation and state of mind when faced with the difficulties of the gymnase.

Our personal development methods related to schooling will allow you to manage your life on all fronts (family, social, personal and academic).

Our approach

Managing knowledge acquisition and motivation

During the year or before the exams

Difficulties can arise quickly, starting in the first year. In this case, it is better to quickly implement solutions in order to spend the year without too many gaps.

Sometimes, the drop in level occurs at the end of the year or before the exams. Indeed, in the face of a heavy workload or fatigue, you have less energy or motivation and this will necessarily impact your morale and results.

Sometimes you have to repeat a year (repetition). So it is best to prepare before the recovery, in order to put in place strategies that will directly pay off and fill your gaps before the start of the school year.

At any time, Benk’s coaches can offer you solutions that will suit your specific difficulties and needs.


En relation avec le sujet

soutien scolaire hpi

Etre à « haut potentiel » (HP) signifie avoir un rythme de développement intellectuel nettement supérieur à la moyenne de son âge et réagir selon une intelligence émotionnelle surdéveloppée.


Les Hauts Potentiels (HP)
formation enfants autonomes

Troubles « dys », dyslexie, dysorthographie, dysgraphie ou dyscalculie …

nos solutions concrètes.

Les enfants DYS

Comment gérer les accès aux écrans pour nos enfants ? Quelles sont les règles à adopter ?
Quelles sont les limites à respecter ?

Les addictions