Learn a language and integrate

You have just arrived in Switzerland, alone or with your family, and you want to integrate by speaking French.

If you work in an international environment, or your partner is, you may have difficulty adapting to the language, feel out of touch with the local culture, or even feel misunderstood.

You have to:

  • manage the administration (write and answer letters) and introduce yourself to the administration
  • organize your budget
  • find an apartment (including management and insurance documents, etc.)
  • choose your insurance coverage and understand the options
  • choose a school for your children
  • make friends etc.

What is the required level of language skills required in your case ?

If you are a foreigner and are moving to French-speaking Switzerland, you will need to have a certain level of language skills to obtain a work or residence permit.

If you are a native French speaker, have attended compulsory school in French or have a Secondary II diploma, you do not need to submit a language certificate. A school certificate is sufficient.

If you are not a French-speaking person, you need to have a level of French ranging from A1 to B1 (oral and/or written) in order to obtain a residence or settlement permit in Switzerland.

At Benk, we prepare you for the French exams.

Benk’s coaches adapt to the level required, the language spoken in your workplace, your profession, your daily oral and written needs.

Whether you are the spouse/husband of an expatriate in Switzerland, a professional who has been hired by an international or national company, Benk supports you in your approach with tailor-made solutions.

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