A successful conversion for all profiles

Are you considering a reconversion because you are in transition, out of school or out of work, or in a situation of exclusion in your socio-professional integration processes ?

Benk develops coaching solutions that are targeted and adapted to everyone:

  • young person in difficulty,
  • adults over 50 years of age, with or without a formal qualification,
  • person with limited health status.

Complete or acquire new skills that meet current labour market requirements.

Valuing your talents, potential and self-knowledge and making your dreams come true to improve your quality of life !

Our methods in professional reconversion

Benk’s trainers are there to provide you with quality support. They offer a welcome, a listening ear and professional support throughout your professional transition process.

Benk’s coaches assess your needs by:

  • A complete and detailed assessment to define your objectives and our solutions,
  • Questionnaires of interests and values,
  • Personality and aptitude tests
  • Tools for a better knowledge of yourself and the professional world,
  • Referentials of skills, professions, professions
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Our services in professional reconversion are:

  • Individual follow-up (skills assessment, coaching, level)
  • Orientations towards specific training: language courses, IT, job-oriented courses, choice of vocational or initial training, higher education…
  • Our online training courses (languages, citizenship, general culture…)
    It is essential to:

Update your resume and enrich your job search techniques

  • Work on your cover letters
  • Activate your professional networks
  • Develop your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strengthen your self-esteem and confidence
  • Set up a professional, realistic and feasible retraining project.
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Professional retraining for women

How to retrain or reintegrate into the world of work after an activity within a household and an interruption of one’s professional activity?

Benk’s trainers offer you a complete assessment of the family and personal situation as well as an assessment of professional skills, in order to:

  • Discover the best way to reconcile work and family life,
  • Analyze the skills acquired and value them in the current labour market,
  • Choose a new job or undertake training,
  • Define a short-/medium- and long-term project.

Our solutions in retraining and professional reintegration

Our skills :

  • Orientation assessment to define professional targets, according to interest, skills and employment profile
  • Assessment of the experiences and skills acquired during his life in the form of a skills portfolio binder,
  • Coaching and complete follow-up for the realization of your professional project
  • Role-playing and exchange of experiences related to retraining,
  • Support in writing the skills assessment, CV and cover letters
  • Simulations of job interviews.
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