Successful retraining for all profiles 

Are you considering a career change because you are in transition, have dropped out of school or vocational training, or are excluded from the social and professional integration process?

Benk develops targeted coaching solutions adapted to each individual:

  • young people in difficulty,
  • adults over 50, with or without formal qualifications,
  • a person limited in his or her state of health.

Complement or acquire new skills in line with current job market requirements.

Let’s make the most of your talents, your potential and your self-knowledge, and make your dreams come true to improve your quality of life!

Our professional retraining methods

Benk’s trainers are there to provide you with quality support. They offer a warm welcome, a listening ear and professional support throughout your career transition process.

Benk coaches assess your needs by :

  • A complete and detailed assessment to define your objectives and our solutions,
  • Interest and values questionnaires,
  • Personality and aptitude tests
  • Tools to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the professional world,
  • Competency, trade and professional reference systems 
coaching en organisation

Our professional retraining services are :

  • Individual support (skills assessment, coaching, level)
  • Referrals to specific training courses: language courses, IT courses, job-oriented courses, choice of vocational or initial training courses, higher education…
  • Our online training courses (languages, citizenship, general culture…)

It is essential to :

  • Update your curriculum vitae and enhance your job search techniques
  • Work on your cover letters
  • Activate your professional networks
  • Develop your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Set up a realistic, achievable career transition project.

Professional retraining for women

How do you retrain or re-enter the world of work after working in a home and taking a career break?

Benk’s trainers offer you a   completeassessment ofyour family and personal situation, as well as a professional skills assessment, in order to :

– Discover the best way to reconcile work and family life,

– Analyze the  skills you have acquired and the skills you need in today’s job market,

– Choose a new job or undertake training,

 Define ashort/medium/long-term   project.

Our solutions for retraining and professional reintegration

Our skills :

  • Career assessment to define professional targets, according to interests, skills and job profile
  • Review of experience and skills acquired throughout life in the form of a skills portfolio binder,
  • Coaching and comprehensive support to help you achieve your career goals
  • Role-playing and exchange of experiences related to retraining,
  • Help with writing skills assessment, CVs and cover letters,
  • Job interview simulations.
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