ECR – Cantonal reference tests 

Decisive evaluation and orientation examinations

The cantonal reference tests, commonly known as ECR, aim to assess the quality of the Swiss school system, harmonize the teaching requirements in the canton and give teachers benchmarks outside the classroom to assess student progress.
The ECRs also make it possible to situate schools in relation to the canton’s average.
The results of these tests can be decisive for promotion and orientation.

The ECRs are normally held in May and cover one to three disciplines:

  • In Grade 4: ECR focus on French. Result = indicative value.
  • In Grade 6, ECR focus on French and mathematics. Result = significant work.
  • In Grade 8, ECR focus on French, mathematics and German. Result = 30% of annual averages in promotion and guidance decisions.
  • In Grade 10, ECR focus on French and mathematics. Result = significant work.
    In French and mathematics, ECR are composed of a part specific to each track and level and a part common to all 10S students.

Why prepare for ECR ?

A preparatory period to pass the cantonal reference tests

Does your child feel stressed about approaching ECR ?
Do you feel any academic pressure?
Concerned that your child may not be ready in time to succeed in ECR ?

Regardless of your child’s school year in relation to ECR, you are right to do so in advance and support your child in his or her preparation for ECR.

The issues are different for each ECR year. Nevertheless, they all remain as reference elements and define your child’s academic level at some point.

Your child’s school level in ECR is compared to that of his or her class, school and canton. Averages are calculated according to scales defined by the canton. This makes it possible to situate each student in relation to all the others at the cantonal level.

It is a compulsory step for every student attending school in French-speaking Switzerland but above all a pivotal step in your child’s schooling.


Let’s prepare your child for ECR !

The ECR, an advantage for the future

The cantonal reference tests are an important step for any student attending a public school in Switzerland. Teachers define the level of their class and students. They can better direct their teaching to meet all student profiles and requirements in all subjects.

Depending on his or her results in the ECR, your child may be referred to the appropriate stream.

Whatever your child’s difficulties, Benk’s coaches ensure that your child is optimally prepared for ECR to achieve good results. He will feel valued and reach the same level as the other students in his class.

Benk’s coaches help your child to recover to the level of knowledge expected for ECR.

They prepare him mentally and physically to succeed: for studies, by mastering exam subjects and by a tenfold increase in confidence before the exams.

At Benk, preparation is both mental and academic.
We train your child to succeed.  

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