How to understand dyslexics ?

As the mother of two multi-dys children, I experienced the problem from the inside. My mission was to support them by developing effective solutions. Being dyslexic is a suffering that only a “dys” person can really understand. It is a suffering that also extends to the family and entourage because there is a lot of […]

Teenagers: how to manage social networks?

We all know that screens quickly capture attention and can addict us. Social networks are an important part of it (Instragram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, …). Today, there are ways to control the time spent on each application. If we take a closer look, the total time can become frightening. Many controversies have made the news, […]

How to choose an online tutoring site ?

What type of support am I looking for ? The first question to be answered is : And above all it is important to understand What is the difference between e-learning and online exercise sites ? Indeed, today, many websites offer online tutoring services. This type of service is less expensive than “traditional” support courses […]

Choose an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship – or initial vocational training – is possible according to two options: Full-time apprenticeship in trade school:25 full-time vocational training courses in schools in a wide range of sectors (machinery industry, automotive, wood, sewing, health, applied arts, watchmaking, IT and multimedia). Apprenticeship at a trade school leads to a Federal Certificate of Qualification (FCC […]

Can personalized coaching fight against academic difficulties ?

Academic difficulties can affect any student regardless of their level, class and age. This is not only due to educational inequalities. Today, we can no longer analyse school failure without taking into account the strategies that claim to combat it, including supportive pedagogies.         Schools often have systems in place that provide a lot of support to […]