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Learning a foreign language requires a lot of time and energy.

Through our private and home lessons, learning a language becomes a pleasure, while maintaining an active and positive approach.

Speak it and write it with conviction and pride, even if you know few words! You gain self-confidence and progress by having a positive and enterprising mindset!

Work orally, reach out to people who speak the language you want to learn, surround yourself with the right people.

With our online program, learn syllables and phonetics to tame sounds that are different from your language.

Benk’s coaches advise you on suitable and faster methods for learning a foreign language.

Benk’s tips for learning a foreign language effectively

  • Enjoy listening to everything you can: radio, television, news, movies, series, songs, conversations…
  • Learn the vocabulary you need, with the right techniques. Abandon random vocabulary lists.
  • Approach your new language with a new eye, without comparing its rules of grammar, spelling, vocabulary, conjugation, to your mother tongue.
  • Practice repeating the same sounds often by recording yourself to acquire good pronunciation and evaluate your progress.
  • Meet native speakers of your target language to communicate with them, in your surroundings or on the Internet. That’s more motivating than staying alone with a book! Learning a language is about sharing!
  • Immerse yourself in the language. Go practice your new language in the country where it is spoken. Make trips, a linguistic stay, find moments to escape in total immersion.
  • Study regularly and maintain your motivation!
  • Make time for a little exercise every day: even a single half hour every day will take you much further than you think.
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