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Our training courses for schoolchildren

Private tutoring in the form of academic coaching, depending on your child’s pace and abilities.
Personalised objectives and regular reviews.
Rapid results thanks to intensive and effective monitoring.

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Our tailor-made teaching methods

Learn according to the child’s level and rhythm.
Develop autonomy and motivation.
Improve self-confidence, concentration and attention.

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His/Her personal development

Personal development strategies and tools dedicated to your child.
Learn while being happy and fulfilled.
Finding your way and learning to communicate better.

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Support in the event of school drop-out

Démotivation, perte de confiance ou phobie

Your child no longer feels comfortable at school.
You don’t know what to do, you think about dropping him out of school.
Your child’s dropping out of school can be explained by events:

  • People related to their emotions or learning
  • Family related to its personal environment
  • Socio-cultural in relation to its social values
  • School related to its relationship with teachers and students

To keep up with the school system, Benk has developed tailor-made solutions through academic support and personal coaching, to understand and react to the reasons for dropping out or school phobia.

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School support in the event of arrival in Switzerland, departure abroad or illness

As parents, you have decided to travel around the world or to change countries.
You do not want your children to suffer from this school break.

You are foreign parents arriving in Switzerland. You do not know how the Swiss school system works for your children.

Your child is facing a period of illness or a mild disability, which hinders his or her academic success.

Benk’s pedagogical team has solutions that will meet your needs, as well as those of your children, whatever your family, social and school situation.

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Our training courses for children

With and without pedagogical supervision

  • Objectives defined for each person
  • A constant motivation to complete all objectives
  • An appreciation of the efforts made
  • Continuous progress through online support
  • A follow-up of the work online by qualified trainers
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