Learn and succeed in any situation

You are coming from abroad and have difficulty learning French.

You have learning disabilities, a mild disability or health problems.

You have had an accident or are suffering from an illness that prevents you from progressing at a standard rate.

Whatever your learning issues and objectives, academic or professional, Benk’s coaches can help you achieve your goals, based on your real needs and abilities.

Your health, personal (family, social), educational and professional situation is taken into account by our trainers.

Our personalized coaching methods

Benk’s personalized coaching methods take into account the personal, family, social and educational factors of those with special learning needs.

Our specific and dedicated methods consist of:

  • Define learning strategies according to your difficulties or blockages,
  • Develop your autonomy and regular work,
  • Learn to manage your time and your personal organization,
  • Increase concentration and attention,
  • Improve your self-confidence and behaviour.

Benk’s trainers offer you individual solutions that meet your needs and objectives.

Our approach

En relation avec le sujet

soutien scolaire hpi

Qui dit « haut potentiel » (HP) dit rythme de développement intellectuel supérieur à la moyenne mais aussi forte intelligence émotionnelle .

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Les Hauts Potentiels (HP)
formation enfants autonomes

Si un trouble DYS, dyslexie, dysorthographie, dysgraphie ou dyscalculie etc… vous empêchent de progresser, les coaches de Benk, spécialistes des troubles DYS our enfants, ont votre solution, en accompagnement et solution personnalisée.


Les enfants DYS
cours de français

Augmentez vos compétences en apprenant une langue, pour votre carrière professionnelle ou au niveau personnel et familial. 

Apprenez le français, l’anglais, l’allemand ou l’italien !

Les langues