How to prepare for the Swiss naturalization exam ?

The Swiss naturalization exam requires excellent knowledge of Swiss geography, history and politics.

You must have an important general knowledge of Switzerland because the commission, which will ask you questions, can ask all the questions they want. Questions can be federal, cantonal or communal. It is better to know more in order to prevent surprises!

You must prepare sufficiently in advance, revise sufficiently and follow the Swiss news in order to be prepared for all possible questions.

At Benk, our naturalization training courses are personalized and include all the subjects necessary for successful completion of the exam:

  • improvement of the level of oral and written French (if necessary),
  • personal preparation for integration issues, depending on your canton and commune,
  • federal, cantonal and local questions concerning Swiss history, geography, politics and culture.

Who is eligible for Swiss naturalization ?

If you have lived and worked in Switzerland for more than 10 years and consider yourself very well integrated, naturalisation will meet your aspirations :

  • have access to political and civil rights, you will be able to express your membership and participate in the community
  • obtain the right to vote and stand for election in order to participate actively in the political life of the country.

To want to become a Swiss citizen is not only to be well integrated but also to feel a deep sense of belonging to the country and a sincere need to participate in the country’s political and social life.

Naturalization requires a long-term personal investment.
Procedures can take time, allowing you to prepare for the required exams and interviews.

Prepare with our trainers for questions of general culture, history, geography, politics and civics.

Be prepared to answer personal questions about your background and integration.

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