Naturalization in Switzerland

How to become Swiss ? Coach and naturalization expert Yasmina Benk, answers your questions about naturalization in Switzerland and prepares you for the Swiss naturalization exam. There are two types of naturalization: What are the conditions to be met ? The steps to be taken? 1. Facilitated naturalization It is possible if your spouse or one […]

Choose an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship – or initial vocational training – is possible according to two options: Full-time apprenticeship in trade school:25 full-time vocational training courses in schools in a wide range of sectors (machinery industry, automotive, wood, sewing, health, applied arts, watchmaking, IT and multimedia). Apprenticeship at a trade school leads to a Federal Certificate of Qualification (FCC […]

Can personalized coaching fight against academic difficulties ?

Academic difficulties can affect any student regardless of their level, class and age. This is not only due to educational inequalities. Today, we can no longer analyse school failure without taking into account the strategies that claim to combat it, including supportive pedagogies.         Schools often have systems in place that provide a lot of support to […]