Blended learning, the solution?

What is E-learning ? It is a technological way of supporting students through digital training. What is Blended Learning? It is a blended learning mode which refers to the joint use of E-Learning and the classic face-to-face learning mode. Does it work ? E-learning and Blended Learning allow to vary the pedagogical methods and to […]

Teenagers: how to manage social networks?

We all know that screens quickly capture attention and can addict us. Social networks are an important part of it (Instragram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, …). Today, there are ways to control the time spent on each application. If we take a closer look, the total time can become frightening. Many controversies have made the news, […]

How to choose an online tutoring site ?

What type of support am I looking for ? The first question to be answered is : And above all it is important to understand What is the difference between e-learning and online exercise sites ? Indeed, today, many websites offer online tutoring services. This type of service is less expensive than “traditional” support courses […]