6P French + ECR

Explore our 6P courses, in line with the PER (Plan d’Etudes Romand), designed to help you develop your French skills and prepare effectively for the ECR (épreuves cantonales de référence). Our courses are specially designed to give you the skills you need to succeed:

CHF 99.00 / year

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  • 101 courses to perfect your French: Whether you want to improve your grammar, spelling or comprehension, our courses are designed to help you excel in French.
  • 8 major revision courses to prepare you for the ECR: Thoroughly prepare for the cantonal French reference tests with our courses specially designed to maximize your chances of success.

Join us now to start your rewarding learning journey and prepare yourself optimally for the French ECR exams. Our 6-hour training courses give you the opportunity to develop your skills in a targeted and effective way!