Blended learning, the solution?

What is E-learning ?

  • It is a technological way of supporting students through digital training.

What is Blended Learning?

  • It is a blended learning mode which refers to the joint use of E-Learning and the classic face-to-face learning mode.

Does it work ?

  • E-learning and Blended Learning allow to vary the pedagogical methods and to combine them in order to assimilate a subject until it is perfectly mastered. In this way, the student can learn at his own pace and in his own way while using all types of memory (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

What are the advantages of Blended-learning ?

  • Flexibility: the student can connect wherever and whenever he or she wants.
  • Accessibility: the student does not need to travel – 24/7 access.
  • Freedom: he studies at his own pace, according to his needs and his ability to concentrate.
  • Motivation: his coach follows all his distance learning courses and meets him periodically to validate his knowledge.

Why is Blended Learning so effective ?

  • Face-to-face and distance coaching makes the student participatory and engaged. It helps to maintain motivation and encourage learners’ perseverance. The results are quickly visible.
  • This solution allows targeted and synthesized training on school subjects.
  • Time freedom: everyone can progress at their own pace, taking their time to assimilate the concepts when they need them.
  • Modern techniques: use of pedagogical and computer tools.
  • Choice and diversity: alternate between online training and personalized sessions with a coach to better support you in your objectives.

Blended Learning is an effective tool for passing exams by remaining involved throughout the educational process in order to complete all training and successfully achieve all objectives.