Choose an apprenticeship

Apprenticeship – or initial vocational training – is possible according to two options:

  • Full-time apprenticeship in trade school:
    25 full-time vocational training courses in schools in a wide range of sectors (machinery industry, automotive, wood, sewing, health, applied arts, watchmaking, IT and multimedia).
    Apprenticeship at a trade school leads to a Federal Certificate of Qualification (FCC /CFC) to enter the labour market or continue training.
  • Dual apprenticeship or company apprenticeship:
    200 professions, practised as apprenticeships in companies, to obtain a federal certificate of professional training (AFP) or a federal certificate of competence (CFC), allowing them to enter the labour market or continue their training.

    Apprenticeship is part of secondary level II in the Swiss education system.

Not easy to find your professional orientation

Finding a job and an apprenticeship is not so easy for a teenager or young adult.

How to select a profession? Do we have to do internships? Should you test your skills in a company? What are the solutions? Solutions must correspond to each individual according to his or her personal interests, intellectual and manual capacities as well as affinities with each profession.

Many apprentices find themselves in trades that do not suit them.

For both parents and children, these are times that can be complex. It is often a source of tension and sometimes even conflict.

Our mission and objectives as experienced coaches at Benk is to help the teenager, or young adult, to find their academic and professional orientation, through tailor-made support.

How to find your academic and professional orientation?

Personal support in relation to the field and the apprentice: find jobs based on personal skills and interests

  • find an internship to confirm the future professional choice,
  • have a good CV and strong cover letters,
  • develop learning strategies,
  • improve memory and academic performance,
  • increase social and professional skills
  • learn to integrate into the company,
  • remain confident, motivated, autonomous, manage emotions and fears well
  • develop a strong and winning mindset.

The solutions are a clever mix of the listed points that require reflection, introspection and personal organization.