Can personalized coaching fight against academic difficulties ?

Academic difficulties can affect any student regardless of their level, class and age.

This is not only due to educational inequalities. Today, we can no longer analyse school failure without taking into account the strategies that claim to combat it, including supportive pedagogies.
Schools often have systems in place that provide a lot of support to students. These systems may be suitable for some students but, unfortunately, not all. Indeed, as we know, everyone learns and understands in their own way. There is not only one pedagogy or learning technique, nor is there a single method of teaching.
It is therefore not possible for schools to adapt to each student individually, it is up to the student to adapt by himself to the school program and its requirements.     
However, this personal adaptation, which requires great flexibility, is not given to everyone. It is not easy for an individual, whatever his age, to analyse himself in order to think about the best methods to succeed by himself and to change his learning habits, in an already predefined system.
The level of requirement and the notion of subject mastery often depend on schools, teachers, themes and evaluation scales. - Le coaching personnalisé peut-il lutter contre les difficultés scolaires?

How can we find our way around as parents or students ?

It is not always obvious if the student, despite his or her efforts, is unable to enter the system and reach the required level. And schools cannot always cope with all these pedagogical, cultural and social differences.
Despite everything, school failure is not inevitable, there are ways that can work for each student depending on needs and motivation.

School coaches nowadays embody the reality of the problem and propose solutions. If something can be done for a student, it must be done, and without delay, to give him or her every chance to succeed.

Pedagogical and academic coaching addresses symptoms such as: lack of self-confidence, difficulty concentrating in class or during homework, use by the student of ineffective learning techniques or inadequate methods to prepare for tests.

To each his own solution! The only thing to know is that if you are dealing with a good school coach, he will find effective solutions and if the student is not ready to evolve, then he will be honest enough to tell you and stop coaching quickly.

Coaching can only work if the student is motivated and follows the valuable advice of his or her coach.

However, a coach’s job also involves finding the keys that will develop the student’s self-confidence, motivation, thirst for learning and desire to succeed.

Therefore, when a good synergy is created between the coachee and his coach, it can produce surprising results.

This positive relationship can become a catalyst in the student’s life both academically and personally.

In conclusion, a qualified and competent coach can propose effective strategies to address the student’s difficulties and help him or her quickly find concrete solutions.

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